1. 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Seeking Financing For Your Property

    The decision to purchase commercial property for your growing Santa Rosa business isn’t one to be taken lightly. It’s also a decision that should fill you with a lot of excitement, after all, you're taking a big step that will bring your enterprise to the next level. The commercial property that you purchase in Santa Rosa will help you retain clients, attract top talent, and last but not least…Read More

  2. Understanding California’s Commercial Property Disclosure Requirements

    Searching for commercial properties for sale in Santa Rosa is complicated enough, but finding the commercial property you want to buy doesn’t mean the process is over. Indeed, it has only just begun. Up next are offers, contracts, negotiations, inspections, and the dreaded property disclosures document. If you’ve only been looking for commercial properties for sale in Santa Rosa for a short ti…Read More

  3. Essential Advice Before Investing In An Apartment Building

    According to recent rental market trends, now is a great time to invest in commercial properties for sale in Santa Rosa, especially when those commercial properties happen to be apartment buildings, complexes, or other multi-residence dwellings. Promising Rent Trend Data in Santa Rosa “As of July 2016, average apartment rent within the city of of Santa Rosa, CA is $1819. One bedroom apartments i…Read More

  4. Calculating the Most Accurate 593 Form

    California Form 593; a familiar title for anyone who has sold or purchased property in the golden state. The Real Estate Withholding Tax Statement is used to declare gains made from a transfer of real property. When filing this tax there are two methods of calculating the necessary payment. The first is called “Total Sales Price Method” and is calculated using the total sales price, boot, or i…Read More

  5. Energy Saving Tips For Your New Commercial Property

    People all over the country are starting to become more concerned and proactive when it comes to saving energy. While most energy saving behaviors are focused around residential homes, it’s vital they be kept in mind when buying commercial property in Santa Rosa as well. After all, neither your business nor your future tenants want to spend one cent more than is absolutely necessary on heating, …Read More

  6. Cannabis Crazy: the Mad Dash to Invest

    Cannabis use in California has long been a political hot topic and is on the road to legalization despite opposition by federal law. Sonoma County in particular is in a period of dramatic transition in regards to policies toward cultivation and consumption of the plant. With the many shifts taking place, it helps to have a road map to better navigate the often confusing issue of legality. This art…Read More

  7. What Commercial Property Owners Should Know About PACE Financing

    If there’s one thing California has in abundance, it's sunshine. With an average of 256 sunny days per year, Santa Rosa enjoys far more sunshine than the United States as a whole. Besides making it fairly easy to maintain a tan all year long, this sunshine is having an impact on the commercial real estate market as well as the statewide economy in the form of solar energy capture. Impact Of Sola…Read More

  8. 5 Things to Look For in a Real Estate Broker

      Area Specific Experience   Experience is often referred to as the greatest teacher; able to give wisdom and insight in areas where a book is unable. In real estate, as in life, we are often forced to navigate through unfamiliar territory. When this is the case, it becomes necessary to have an experienced guide, one who has not only studied the maps, but walked the trails.  When dealing with t…Read More

  9. The Important Question Many Commercial Landlords Forget To Ask

    Many people, having rented apartments or condominiums, are familiar with the landlord/tenant relationship. The landlord owns the property and is responsible for certain major aspects of its upkeep; while the tenant is responsible for paying rent, tending to minor aspects of upkeep, and being a good neighbor. As the years go on, you may find yourself with the responsibility of leasing your property…Read More

  10. Demand For Quality Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Property Managers

    Commercial property is a smart investment, one that will only become smarter as the 21st century’s second decade draws to a close. The economic troubles of the early 2000s are slowly becoming a distant memory, giving way to what experts are calling a "Goldilocks moment" in Northern California. "...the Golden State's recovery should remain steady despite some headwinds from the global economy," a…Read More