As we mentioned in a previous blog, now is a great time to think about buying commercial property in Santa Rosa. There are various types of commercial real estate to think about buying, from office buildings and industrial facilities to retail centers and multi-family housing.

It’s buying this last type of commercial property, multi-family housing units, that we’d like to discuss in this article. Multi-family housing is a real estate term that’s typically applied to a type of housing that we’re all very familiar with: apartments.

What Types Of Apartment Buildings Are Available In Santa Rosa?


According to PropertyMetrics, there are three main types of multi-family housing units, or apartment buildings:

  • Garden Apartments – These commercial properties became popular in the 1960s and 1970s, especially in suburban areas. Garden apartments are typically 3-4 stories with 50-400 units, no elevators, and surface parking.
  • Midrise Apartments – More popular in urban infill areas, these commercial properties are usually 5-9 stories, with between 30-110 units, and elevator service.
  • Highrise Apartments – These commercial properties are usually found in larger markets. The typically contain more than 100 units, and utilize the services of a commercial property management company in Santa Rosa.

Benefits Of Buying Multi-Family Commercial Property

There are many reasons to think about buying commercial property in Santa Rosa, including

  • Healthy Investment Returns
  • Operational Simplicity
  • Tax Benefits

Of course, it’s important that you review our “Essential Advice Before Investing In An Apartment Building.”

If you have questions about buying commercial property in Santa Rosa or property management  for your multi-family housing, contact North Bay Property Advisors today!