1. Cap Rates and Interest Rates

    The commercial real estate market is often changing, though usually, those changes are not rapid.  We have experienced a period of historically low interest rates that are beginning to rise. At the moment, most commercial rates on 5 year money that I have seen are 5.00-5.5%, where as 18 months ago those rates were much closer to 4.5%.  So what? During this same 18 month period, we’ve seen cap …Read More

  2. Leasing Commercial Property? Make Sure You Invest In This First

    As we've detailed in previous blog posts, commercial property is a smart investment in Santa Rosa. There are many benefits to owning commercial property, which includes office buildings, industrial facilities, retail centers and multi-family housing units. Commercial Property Management Is The One Drawback Of Ownership However, it's not all healthy investment returns and tax benefits. As Santa Ros…Read More

  3. Cultivating Change: Proposition 64 and Sonoma County Cannabis Regulation

    With the passage of proposition 64 or AUMA (Adult Use of Medical Marijuana Act), the current political and legislative atmosphere carries a striking resemblance to the period following the lifting of prohibition in the early 1930's. As politicians scramble to calculate the repercussions of changing legal definitions regarding cannabis in the future of our state, there is an air of uncertainty as t…Read More

  4. What Are The Benefits Of Investing In An Apartment Building?

    As we mentioned in a previous blog, now is a great time to think about buying commercial property in Santa Rosa. There are various types of commercial real estate to think about buying, from office buildings and industrial facilities to retail centers and multi-family housing. It’s buying this last type of commercial property, multi-family housing units, that we’d like to discuss in this artic…Read More

  5. Buying A Multi-Family Dwelling? Watch For These Warning Signs

    Here at North Bay Property Advisors, we specialize in the process of buying commercial property in Santa Rosa. Whether you’re looking to invest in manufacturing facilities, retail space, office buildings, or multi-family housing, we can point you toward commercial properties for sale and act as your commercial real estate agent. While apartment buildings and other multi-family dwellings can be a…Read More

  6. What Happens During A Commercial Real Estate Appraisal?

    After the initial inspection, the appraisal is one of the most important parts of the commercial property buying process. If you’re looking for commercial properties for sale in Santa Rosa, it’s important that you be properly prepared for what the appraisal process will entail, so that you’re not surprised if the result isn’t quite what you hoped for. What's The Purpose Of Appraisals For C…Read More

  7. Increase Tenant Retention Through Property Management

    Commercial property is a smart investment, one that will only become smarter as the 21st century’s second decade draws to a close. The economic troubles of the early 2000s are slowly becoming a distant memory, giving way to what experts are calling a "Goldilocks moment" in Northern California. "...the Golden State's recovery should remain steady despite some headwinds from the global economy," a…Read More

  8. Santa Rosa Rent Control Breakdown – Is the Future Bright or Bleak?

    The following article has been published, created and trademarked by North Bay Property Advisors in Santa Rosa, CA. North Bay Property Advisors is a full service commercial and investment real estate company providing: Sales, leasing, property management, appraisal and lending services in Northern California. Please click the following link to connect with NorthBayPropertyAdvisors.com. What is Ren…Read More

  9. 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Seeking Financing For Your Property

    The decision to purchase commercial property for your growing Santa Rosa business isn’t one to be taken lightly. It’s also a decision that should fill you with a lot of excitement, after all, you're taking a big step that will bring your enterprise to the next level. The commercial property that you purchase in Santa Rosa will help you retain clients, attract top talent, and last but not least…Read More

  10. Understanding California’s Commercial Property Disclosure Requirements

    Searching for commercial properties for sale in Santa Rosa is complicated enough, but finding the commercial property you want to buy doesn’t mean the process is over. Indeed, it has only just begun. Up next are offers, contracts, negotiations, inspections, and the dreaded property disclosures document. If you’ve only been looking for commercial properties for sale in Santa Rosa for a short ti…Read More