1. Cap Rates and Interest Rates

    The commercial real estate market is often changing, though usually, those changes are not rapid.  We have experienced a period of historically low interest rates that are beginning to rise. At the moment, most commercial rates on 5 year money that I have seen are 5.00-5.5%, where as 18 months ago those rates were much closer to 4.5%.  So what? During this same 18 month period, we’ve seen cap …Read More

  2. Cannabis Crazy: the Mad Dash to Invest

    Cannabis use in California has long been a political hot topic and is on the road to legalization despite opposition by federal law. Sonoma County in particular is in a period of dramatic transition in regards to policies toward cultivation and consumption of the plant. With the many shifts taking place, it helps to have a road map to better navigate the often confusing issue of legality. This art…Read More

  3. Demand For Quality Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Property Managers

    Commercial property is a smart investment, one that will only become smarter as the 21st century’s second decade draws to a close. The economic troubles of the early 2000s are slowly becoming a distant memory, giving way to what experts are calling a "Goldilocks moment" in Northern California. "...the Golden State's recovery should remain steady despite some headwinds from the global economy," a…Read More