1. Buying Or Leasing Existing Commercial Property Or Building New On Land

    When you are looking to start your own business, there is a lot that you need to consider. You need to find a great location, you need to do research to see if the demand for your business is in that area and you have to consider prices. But something you may not have considered when researching commercial property in your area is whether or not you want to buy or lease an existing property or if …Read More

  2. The Appraisal Process In Commercial Real Estate

    We have talked a lot about what factors you should keep in mind when you are purchasing a commercial property. But we haven’t talked about the appraisal process yet. The appraisal can be daunting whether you are buying or selling a property. As you know, you need to have your commercial property appraised before putting it on the market and once you have decided on a property, you have to get is…Read More

  3. Factors To Consider When Buying A Commercial Property

    When you start looking for that perfect commercial property, there are several factors that you want to take into account before you buy. You wouldn’t buy the first home that you looked at until you looked at several more first. So why would you do that when it comes to commercial real estate? Before you go out on your first viewing, take these factors into account. Location “Location, locatio…Read More

  4. Buying Vs Leasing Commercial Properties

    When you are looking to start a business or invest in an apartment complex, you want to find a commercial property that is going to suit your needs. Once you have determined what you need to make your dreams come true, you need to decide whether you want to buy or lease the property. There are lots of things that you want to keep in mind when you are making this decision. Location No matter what t…Read More

  5. 4 Steps to Selling Your Commercial Property

    Most people do not sell their commercial properties often. Unless you are an investor that comes in, fixes up the building, and then sells it right away, you may not be familiar with the processes or steps that you need to take. If you are looking to sell your commercial real estate, follow these simple steps and the process should go smoothly. Step 1 - Speak with agents You want to find a commerc…Read More