If you have an office building, industrial building or a retail store, you know that managing it can be a lot of work. The constant phone calls and running back and forth from your home or office to the commercial property can be a hassle. This is why you should invest in commercial property management companies. No matter what you need help with, we can help you take some of the stress off running a commercial property. When you need property management in Santa Rosa, call North Bay Property Advisors


If you own a commercial property and your current leasee has decided not to renew the contract, you need to find someone to take over the lease. If you don’t have someone leasing out your commercial property, you are going to lose money because you then are responsible for all of the taxes and rent on the property. Hiring a property management team will help get someone new into your building.

Tenant retention

Keeping tenants happy is a good way to make sure they come back time and again. With commercial property management, we will make sure that your tenant is always happy. If they have an issue, you can rest assured knowing that it will be taken care of in a timely manner so that they can go back to business as normal.

This is only a few of the things that we will do for you as a commercial property management company. We believe that owning a commercial property shouldn’t be as stressful as it needs to be. Call us today to see how we can help you.