William M. Severi, CCIM, is a Bonded, Insured, California Superior Court-Appointed Receiver

The Receiver is a court appointed party commonly utilized in real estate foreclosures and business disputes to manage property during the pendency of the underlying action. William M. Severi is one of a small cadre of Real Estate Receivers who are chosen repeatedly by California’s legal community to assist in a wide variety of cases. Use of a Receiver may be stipulated to by the parties or, if the appointment is contested, a hearing will be held to determine the necessity for and qualifications of a Receiver. Once appointed, the Receiver becomes an officer of the Court and as such enjoys a degree of quasi-judicial immunity. Though the plaintiff or his counsel typically chooses the Receive, neither the plaintiff nor the defendant – who may have stipulated to his appointment – has any direct input in how the Receiver operates. The Receiver is appointed by the Superior Court and subject to said court.

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