Most people do not sell their commercial properties often. Unless you are an investor that comes in, fixes up the building, and then sells it right away, you may not be familiar with the processes or steps that you need to take. If you are looking to sell your commercial real estate, follow these simple steps and the process should go smoothly.

Step 1 – Speak with agents

You want to find a commercial real estate agent that will work for you. You don’t just go to a car dealership and pick the first car you test drive, right? So take your time and find the right agent. At North Bay Property Advisors, we have over 50 years of experience buying and selling commercial properties and we will do what it takes to sell your commercial property.

Step 2 – Don’t be rushed

Sometimes, commercial properties don’t sell over night. That is not a surprise. It is good to be prepared for the sale to take time. It generally takes longer to sell a commercial property than it does to sell a residential property. Just sit tight, we know what we are doing.

Step 3 – Learn about commercial real estate appraisals

There is a lot more to a commercial appraisal than there is for a residential one. You have to provide different information to the appraiser. Luckily for you, North Bay Property Advisors is also a full service appraisal firm. We can help you with everything from single asset valuation to multi-market property portfolios.

Step 4 – Build relationships

Having good relationships with people will help sell your commercial property faster, just like it does with residential. There are so many opportunities out there today to help sell your building quicker. Social media, clients and customers are all accessible to you to help you promote your real estate.

When you are ready to put your commercial property on the market, call the experts at North Bay Property Advisors.